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h3. Privacy Policy

Roland is committed to having a clear statement about your privacy and way we use the data we can collect about you when you are using this website.

*Email Addresses*
If you provide your email address or other details to us when using any feature of site or when contacting us we will only use that information to provide you with the service you have requested. Your address will not be sold, transmitted, shared or passed to a third party without your consent. It will not be used for direct marketing purposes unless you specifically give us the authorisation to do so.

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Roland does collect certain information about your IP address and browser during your use of this website and this information is only used for internal statistics and monitoring.

*Search Phrases*
Keywords and phrases used in searches are recorded and these are used to provide a service to site visitors but they are not attributable to any IP address, email address or any other information that may be used to identify an individual.

Cookies are used to set your personal site style and to maintain your chosen status whenever you visit the site. However, you do not have to accept them and you will still be able to use the site.

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