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Uber MBR-80 issues
Posted: 16 August 2012 04:38 PM   [ Ignore ]  
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Hey y'all, hopefully someone can help me...

1 - can't use the BR on the tube (subway) or bus because of very high pitch frequencies that are very annoying. Half the reason I bought this was to play on my way to work.

(EDIT: You can hear the pitch change with the motor of the bus/tube stopping/starting, and when sat outside a bus stop, the whistle will come and go with the buses - this, however, is actually quite useful, but still confirms it is something to do with buses)

2 - Tried importing songs through Song List Editor: mp3 at 256kbps, and am prompted with 'Unsupported File Format' every time.

But, most annoyingly, and by far the most important issue:

So basically, if anyone can tell me why buses and subways affect the BR80 and if there's anything to do which can help or solve the situation, and how I can import these mp3's to the device, that'd be great.

Many cheers to anyone who can help.

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Are you using the bR-80 on it's own without a guitar plugged in? I would expect the guitar to pickup noise from electronic drive control systems for transport, they radiate high energy noise.
If using the BR-80 only, try turning the recording level knob down to '0'.
The BR-80 has a sensitive input circuit, more so if the internal mics are selected, and will pickup the radiated noise from high energy electic motors and high voltage lines.

256kHz MP3 files are 'seen' as 24bit files by the Song List editor, you need to convert the MP3 down to 192kHz before the Song List Editor will read it.

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you need to convert the MP3 down to 192kHz before the Song List Editor will read it.