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JUNO Gi Chord memory issue
Posted: 16 June 2012 02:13 PM   [ Ignore ]  
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I have recently purchased a Juno Gi and have noticed that when activating the chord memory button and trying to set chords (in the memory screen) to play in either the Upper or Lower layer keys, that it is not possible to set chords to play in the lower layer.

I have also tried turning the Juno GI off and back on again to ensure the machine sets back to the default settings, before applying the settings.

There is a complete page (page 31) in the manual dedicated to this feature so I am not trying to make the Juno Gi do something that it is not specifically designed to do.

I have heard a comment about this on a Yamaha forum and I fear that this is a design issue.

Anyone else have this issue

UPDATE: I have discovered that to get chords assigned to play in the upper or lower layer you have to first select the split key (then select tones you wish to assign) and then select the chord memory button at which point you can select chords to play in upper and lower layers.
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