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SPD-SX multisampling
Posted: 27 April 2012 10:14 PM   [ Ignore ]  
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Our drummer just got his brand new SPD-SX which was ment to broaden his sound palette on stage. Idea of having that much memory for sampling is fascinating.

But now the problem. We were totally amazed and, to be honest, very [censored] off to see that SPD-SX does not have chance to use multisamples or velocity layers. What the hell do you do with 127-level velocity sensitive pads if you can just trigger one sample? Take any percussion sound for example. Good amount velocity layers would be 3-6 minimum. I might understand this lack of multisamples/layers, if SPD-SX is only meant to play loops or sound effects, but don't you think drummer might want play also some real percussion or drum sounds...

I cannot see any technical reason why did they make it like this. To me it's just very stupid thinking...

SPD-SX - Spell it SPD - Sucks