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Problem with Boss RC-3
Posted: 26 April 2012 06:33 PM   [ Ignore ]  
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Hi, I need help to determine if my RC-3 has a problem or if my way of connecting the unit causes the problem.
Here's my system connections so I can benefit of all my signal effects on the final recording.(I use the RC-3 sometimes as a looper but also to record complete songs.

Electric acoustic guitars(with backing tracks)---->stereo effects -----> mixing board---->RC-3--->Power amp----> monitors

I get a lot of rattles in the sound (especially on high frequency sounds) and this seems to diminish when I use the mixing board record out instead on stereo out outputs.
I know the both the RC-2 and the RC-3 are not true bypass unit.

The RC-3 specs are almost the same than the RC-2 ones but I don't get these rattles noises using the RC-2 (mono)using the same config. !!!
I've tried to connect the mixing board outputs to the RC-3 line inputs but this way it gets worse.
Any advice is welcome .