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Boss GT-8 Expression pedal problem
Posted: 10 April 2012 07:59 PM   [ Ignore ]  
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My gt8 expression pedal seems to by default work as a wah when it's on and a volume pedal when it's not. The problem I have with this is that when I use the wah sometimes when I press it down I accidentally touch it off without realizing it, so when I pull it back off I lose my sound as it is in volume pedal mode.

I was thinking I could solve this by programming the pedal to disable the volume function but this still doesn't get rid of the problem of it switching off my wah. Also I don't know how to program the deactivation of the volume pedal.

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One thing to do is an EXP pedal calibration, (somewhere in the system settings), this also calibrats the pressure needed to active the EXP pedal switch (since it is not a physical switch but an extension of the EXP pedal range).
If your EXP pedal switch is Globally set to control the WAH/FV, there is also a system setting to either change that or set it to patch/by/patch setting instead.

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