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Roland GR55 Linked with GT10.
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Has anyone done this using a roland ready strat and would like my guitar sounds back from my gt 10..i.e. any guitar sound other than having to re-programme the GR55 from scratch it possible ?..Can anyone draw me a cable connection diagram ? i need a mixer to go into one channel in one amp ?..any suggestions would be appreciated....i`m a bit thick !
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GK guitar > GR-55.
GR-55 'guitar out' > GT-10 input.
GR-55 L/Mono output > GT-10 Return.
GT-10 L/Mono output > guitar amp.

This will lrt you guitar and/or modeled guitar tones to be processed by the GT-10,
The GR-55 synths will be played back on the GT-10 channel B, (S/R placed at start of channel B) and any spare GT-10 effects can be applied to the synth.
GT-10 and GR-55 can be midi connected with two midi cables, but disable the external midi cc# controllers so the pedals of each unit don't affect each other.
Both units will track the same patch changes made by either unit.

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