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cannot see td9 in midi input device and cubase?
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I have the td9 kit and using PC windows and cubase 5. I am connected via the um-one midi usb. I cannot see the td9 in the midi input device setting? Anyone help? Do I need a driver?
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If using an external USB midi device to connect the TD-9, then it is the midi device to look for in Cubase, not the TD-9.
The midi device should perhaps have USB drivers installed too.
TD-9 mid-out > UM-1 midi-in.
TD-9 midi-in > UM-1 midi-out

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The TD-9 will not "appear" on the PC or Cubase.
The um-one should.

If the um-one is working correctly, then connecting the MIDI out of the TD-9 to the MIDI in connection of the um-one is the way to go.
The TD-9 will no doubt be transmitting on MIDI ch. 10, but if Cubase is like any other DAW I've used any MIDI activity will show up, usually with some form of MIDI receive indicator.

Does the um-one have any MIDI data LED's, and are they doing anything?

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