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BR 800 to Sonar LE 8.5
Posted: 24 February 2012 12:07 PM   [ Ignore ]  
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Hi everybody,

> i'm new with the boss br 800. i created a song on different tracks on my br 800.

> i connected it to usb to the computer on mode control surface. it's recognised by sonar. if a put down the volume on the BR is goes down also on the same track on Sonar.

> i can arm a track for recording but if i arm a track for recording on sonar i can't push play on the br to input the sound on the computer. (i hope it's clear what i mean).

> what i want to do is to input the different track of the BR into differents track on sonar to edit them. HOW CAN I DO THAT?

> p.s. if once i entered into Sonar with the option "control surface" activated on the BR, i push exit on the BR, the button are activated and i can actually push play on the BR and record on SOnar but the tracks aren't assigned to specific track on Sonar (ex : the 1st on BR to the 1st on Sonar, the 2nd to 2nd etc) and i can't adjust the vulume anymore because i quitted the "control surface" ... :/

Anybody can help me out?

Thanks a loooot in advance and sorry for my english wink

keep on rocking !